‘Strangers in the forest!’ he said to himself. ‘It will be fun to frighten them’. He hid behind a tree and roared like a tiger. The little group of travellers scattered in fear but Swami Haridas called them together. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Tigers are not always dangerous. Let us look for this one.”
     Suddenly, one of his men saw a small boy hiding behind a tree. “There are no tigers here, master,” he said. “Only this naughty boy.”
     Swami Haridas did not punish him. He went to Tansen’s father and said, “Your son is very naughty. He is also very talented. I think I can make him a good singer.”
When Tansen noticed Swami Haridas and his disciples resting under the trees, he decided to frighten them for fun. The naughty child hid himself behind a tree and roared like a tiger. This aroused fear among the disciple group. Since the disciples were afraid, Swami Haridas called them together. He asked them not to be scared since tigers are not always dangerous and harmful. So, he boldly advised them to stay fearless, while looking for the tiger to reach them.
While they were looking for the tiger, one of the disciples of Swami Haridas happened to notice a small boy hiding behind a tree. It was none but Tansen.
Tansen hiding behind a tree.jpg
Tansen hiding behind a tree
The disciple, having found the boy behind a tree, informed Swami Haridas about it. They have understood it was the naughty boy (Tansen) who was roaring like a tiger. In reality, there was no such real tiger over there.
Swami Haridas was amazed by the skill of naughty Tansen. In spite of punishing Tansen, he admired his talent. He directly went to Tansen's father and spoke to him in regard to his talent in spite of being naughty. So, Swami Haridas believed in making Tansen a good singer.
Meaning of difficult words:
Refers to an unknown person
To make someone afraid 
A loud, deep noise made by lion
Spreading or moving away in different directions
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