One day, the farmer’s wife wanted to go to the market. She fed the baby and rocked him to sleep in his little cradle. Picking up the basket, she said to her husband, “I’m off to the bazar. The baby is sleeping. Keep an eye on him. Frankly, I don’t like to leave the child alone with the mongoose.”

     “You needn’t be afraid,” said the farmer. “The mongoose is a friendly animal. It’s as sweet as our baby and they are the best of friends, you know.”
     The wife went away, and the farmer, having nothing to do in the house, decided to go out and take a look at his fields not far away. He ran into some friends on the way back and didn’t return for quite some time.
     The farmer’s wife finished her shopping and came back home with a basketful of groceries. She saw the mongoose sitting outside as if waiting for her. On seeing her he ran to welcome her, as was customary. The farmer’s wife took one look at the mongoose and screamed. “Blood!” she cried. The face and paws of the mongoose were smeared with blood.
The farmer's wife had to go out to buy groceries, and so she fed her baby and put him to sleep. Then she took a basket and asked her husband to keep the sleeping baby under careful observation. She didn't want to leave the baby alone with the mongoose.
his wife.jpg
Farmer's wife

The farmer replied to his wife and said not to worry because the mongoose is a friendly animal. The farmer also said that it grew with the baby and it would not harm him. And in fact, the mongoose would protect him.

Then the wife went to the market. The farmer felt bored and went out to take a look at the fields and left the baby alone with the mongoose. On his way, he met some of his friends. It became quite late, and he didn't come home.

The farmer's wife finished her shopping from the grocery shop and returned home with a basket full of groceries. When she entered the house, she saw the mongoose sitting outside to welcome her as usual. The farmer's wife looked at the mongoose and noticed some blood smudged on its face and paws. And she screamed, "Blood!".
Mongoose blood.png
Mongoose smudged with blood
Meanings of difficult words:
Keep an eye onKeep under careful observation
GroceriesItems of food sold in a supermarket
CustomaryHabitual/as usual
PawsAn animal's foot having claws and pads
I’m off to the bazarI'm going to the market
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