One day, the crocodile stayed with the monkey longer than usual. His wife was annoyed waiting and waiting managing the little crocodiles that had just been hatched. She said, “Who is this friend of yours you are so fond of?”
     “Oh, he is a very nice monkey,” he replied. “He lives on a fruit-tree. He sends fruits for you everyday. You don’t expect me to climb trees, do you?”
     “A nice monkey, I’m sure,” replied the wife with obvious sarcasm. “If you ask me, this monkey should be my food. I want to eat his heart so much.”
When it has become usual for the monkey and crocodile to converse every day, there came a day when they chatted for a longer duration than their regular time. The crocodile's wife was angry and irritated since she had been waiting for her husband for a long time. She managed on her own and had taken care of the little crocodiles that had just been hatched. When the crocodile entered the home late, the crocodile's wife angrily asked, "Who is this friend of yours you are so fond of?".

The husband crocodile innocently replied to the question of his wife. It told the wife about the good qualities of the monkey. It also informs his wife that it was the same monkey who offers fruits to the crocodile's wife everyday. Added to this, the crocodile also told its wife that her husband could not be expected to climb up the trees to get fruits. So, it takes help from the monkey.
On hearing these words, the wife crocodile angrily made a sarcastic remark to her husband saying, "A nice monkey, I'm sure,". She cunningly demanded the heart of such a generous-minded monkey.
Meaning of difficult words:
Being irritated
Handling something
To come out of an egg
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