Some time ago, there lived a monkey near the bank of a beautiful river. It constructed its own home on a tree which was loaded with many fruits. The monkey was leading a peaceful life over there, eating the fruits produced by the tree. It ate the fruits of its choice with satisfaction.
Though life seemed to be smooth and satisfactory, the monkey felt something to be missing. It was nothing, but it felt alone on the tree without a companion.
the isolated monkey.jpg
The isolated monkey
The monkey wanted someone to talk and share its food. Unfortunately, there was none around, not even a single monkey on the riverside. A day came when a crocodile appeared near the river bank. The monkey was pleased to see a living being near its place. It decided to talk to the crocodile. It greeted the crocodile saying 'hello' and slowly started with the conversation. After all, the monkey was waiting for such a situation all these days. The monkey again inquired the crocodile as, â€œDo you live in this river? Would you like to eat some fruit?”.
The crocodile was happy to hear such words from the monkey. It was overwhelmed by the monkey's gesture. Indeed, the crocodile was on the way searching for food. The crocodile wished the monkey, "Good morning," and politely spoke to it.

It informed the monkey that it was already searching food for itself and its wife. And so, the crocodile felt happy when the monkey offered the food.
Monkey offering food to crocodile.jpg
Monkey offering food to crocodile
On hearing this reply from the crocodile, the monkey plucked some of the fruits. It then threw them down to the crocodile. The crocodile was happy to eat those tasty fruits, and it thanked the monkey. Having tasted those delicious fruits, the crocodile had a thought. It requested to revisit the monkey to taste the fruits.
The monkey spoke to the crocodile with great pleasure and satisfaction. All these days, the monkey was looking for someone to talk and share its food since it felt sad while alone. It replied to the crocodile in a pleasant voice. It accepted to offer food to the crocodile and its wife as much as possible. The monkey also asked the crocodile to revisit as it is alone in that place.

The crocodile started to visit the money as requested by its host, and the monkey also helped the crocodile by offering fruits. The crocodile shared the food given by the monkey to his wife as well. After some time, this became a routine for both the crocodile and the monkey to share food and converse. Though their discussion went for long hours, it never made them tired but happy and entertaining. The discussion between the crocodile and the monkey involves many things. They discussed the birds and animals, the villages nearby, and the difficulties villagers faced in raising good crops due to lack of rain.
When it has become usual for the monkey and crocodile to converse every day, there came a day when they chatted for a longer duration than their regular time. The crocodile's wife was angry and irritated since she had been waiting for her husband for a long time. She managed on her own and had taken care of the little crocodiles that had just been hatched. When the crocodile entered the home late, the crocodile's wife angrily asked, "Who is this friend of yours you are so fond of?".

The husband crocodile innocently replied to the question of his wife. It told the wife about the good qualities of the monkey. It also informs his wife that it was the same monkey who offers fruits to the crocodile's wife everyday. Added to this, the crocodile also told its wife that her husband could not be expected to climb up the trees to get fruits. So, it takes help from the monkey.
On hearing these words, the wife crocodile angrily made a sarcastic remark to her husband saying, "A nice monkey, I'm sure,". She cunningly demanded the heart of such a generous-minded monkey.
The crocodile was shocked to hear his wife's demand. After all, the monkey was a generous, good-hearted, lovely friend of it. It shares its food and time along with the crocodile. The crocodile was shouting at its wife for asking such a stupid thing.
The crocodile wife's demand.jpg
The crocodile wife's demand
There is no need for them to kill the crocodile's friend, since, they don't face any food scarcity. Even if the crocodile's wife wishes to have a monkey's heart, that can be from any other monkey and not from the crocodile's friend.
The crocodile explained its wife from various angles. It told his wife that having a monkey for a meal is fine, instead of routine food, but it should not be its good-hearted friend.

The wife crocodile never agreed upon the husband's explanation, but continued to argue. The wife crocodile ordered her husband to bring the monkey home. She pretended as if she wanted to see the monkey. Still, the husband crocodile didn't agree to her request as he knew very well that his wife would kill and eat the crocodile if the monkey is brought home. And so, the husband crocodile was very adamant in not getting the monkey home, fearing his wife would kill and eat it.
The wife crocodile couldn't accept her husband's answer. Though tired of having a heated argument with her husband, she never stopped fighting. The wife was adamant in getting herself a favoured result. Suddenly, the wife crocodile did the trick at this moment when her anger was out of control. She jumped into the river and reached its bottom, leaving the little crocodiles to pester their father.

The husband crocodile did not know how to deal with the situation. It was in a confused position between a good friend and a lovable wife. He likes the monkey. At the same time, he loves his wife more than anything. Finally, as a dutiful husband, he chose to be on the side of his wife. She was his life-partner, after all.
The crocodile finally decided to bring the monkey to its home, though he felt its a sin to be disloyal and kill such a good, generous friend. Still, he didn't have any other choice to convince his lovely wife.
On next day, when the crocodile met the monkey, it invited the monkey for a meal. It told the monkey that his wife had asked him to have a meal along. And the crocodile called the monkey to come along with it. The innocent monkey felt very happy. It happily accepted the crocodile's offer.

As the monkey did not know how to swim, it informed the crocodile and decided to ride on its back. Both the crocodile and the monkey started towards the crocodile's house.
Monkey riding on crocodile's back.jpg
Monkey riding on crocodile's back
When they reached the middle of the river, the crocodile decided to reveal its actual colour as it didn't want to hide its plan for too long. The crocodile disclosed its plan of killing the monkey to please his wife, so it took the monkey along to immerse it in the water and kill it. The crocodile also gave him the reason that his wife cannot survive without eating the monkey's heart and at last wished the monkey 'goodbye'.
The monkey was happy and cheerful, being invited for the meal. Suddenly, when the crocodile disclosed its tricky plan, the monkey was scared.
Monkey scared by crocodile's plan.jpg
Monkey scared by crocodile's plan
The monkey was upset, for, the only friend he had been gentle and generous all these days has planned to cheat him. Still, the monkey didn't lose its confidence but started to think.

Like all monkeys, the crocodile's friend is also smart, blessed with the presence of mind. Though scared of the situation, the monkey kept it mind calm and allowed himself to think for a solution. The monkey formed a quick plan in his head.

The monkey replied the crocodile calmly without showing his fear. It assured the crocodile that it would do anything for him and his family since the crocodile was his only friend. The monkey also told him that the crocodile's wife's life is worthier than the monkey's heart.

Then, the monkey blamed the crocodile for being foolish and not revealing his wife's wish before their journey. The monkey continued to explain the crocodile that it kept the heart on the tree. Since the crocodile hasn't informed him before about its need, the monkey hasn't carried it along. The crocodile believed the monkey's words. It inquired the monkey that it never thought it to be so but expected the monkey always to carry his heart.
The monkey's trick started to work. The smart monkey started to play its game. It told the crocodile that it kept the heart on the monkey's tree itself where the monkey resides. It also said that the monkey and the crocodile should go back to the monkey's place to get the heart. Otherwise, the crocodile's wife would be kept waiting for them. The monkey is confident of its plan.

The foolish crocodile trusted the monkey. It felt terrible for the mistake it committed and made a hissing sound. The monkey and the crocodile laughed at the crocodile's mistake and turned back towards the monkey's tree. Then, both reached the monkey's place. The monkey jumped on to the tree; took a long breath and relaxed for a while.

Then, the monkey plucked a few fruits from the nearest branch and threw it down to the monkey.
Having offered those fruits, it told the crocodile that it was for his wife. The monkey also satirically mentioned that his wife could have those fruits instead of the monkey's heart; after all, fresh fruits are good for mind and body.

Having said these, the monkey bade his friend a goodbye and politely informed the crocodile not to meet him again. The crocodile understood its fault. It cried on having lost such a great, loyal friend. Though the tears are genuine, nothing can restore their friendship. It started home regretting for having supported his wife. Around this time, the crocodile gained wisdom and confidence to discuss with his wife.