The story took place in an old-clock shop in Salt Lake City during the Christmas Eve. Ray, its owner, was an old deaf man. Having finished the work, Ray stood up and was on his way to the backroom when the front door opened. There were two men: one was in his twenties, and the other was about fifty. The younger man stood at the door while the older one approached Ray. The latter looked unfriendly, and his eyes suggested that they were there to steal.

Hiding his fear, Ray pushed his notepad and a pencil across the counter to communicate with his visitor. He then explained to the man that he was deaf. Meanwhile, Ray took a closer look at the man and realised that he held a gun in his right coat-pocket. Though Ray knew the ill-intentions behind the men's visit, he wrote a message pointing at the 'loan board'. He asked whether the man had come back to retrieve his clock or watch that he had pledged.

Though Ray wasn't a pawnbroker, he loaned interest-free money to the needy. The man soon started to feel at ease. He looked at his wristwatch and asked him how much it was worth. Ray gave him a fifty-dollar note though the watch wasn't of much value. Meanwhile, the man’s unfriendly eyes had turned grateful as he experienced kindness and compassion. He promised Ray that he would come back to pay him back.

As the story ended, all the clocks and timepieces struck \(12\) in harmony. The music from the clocks filled the shop with hope, and the three men realised the timeless message of Christmas: 'Peace on earth, goodwill towards all'.
The Old-Clock Shop