Certain doctors have found that one’s dreams often reveal a great deal about one’s problems and that, if understood correctly, they can provide a key to the solution of those problems. But we must remember one thing. Dreams cannot be used as a way to tell the future. They simply can never tell the future. Sleep is the most common experience, but how many of us really think about the wonder and power of sleep? Many poets have written beautiful poems about sleep.
Another critical feature of dreams is that it can tell a lot about one’s problems. When understood properly, dreams can give solutions to those problems. Often, one’s true emotions, fears, desires, and needs are reflected in our dreams. It can also talk about one’s personality.
Dream is a self-knowledge and it can reveal a lot about ones problem

However, you should never be stupid while interpreting dreams. For one thing, dreams can never reveal anything about the future. Though dreams can be psychological, there is no precognition or divination (the art of prediction) involved.
Dreams never reveal anything about the future
And dreams are so fascinating that people study it scientifically. The field is called Oneirology. Furthermore, if you want to study dreams (from a psychological point of view), you would have to learn about (if not read) Sigmund Freud's "The Interpretation of Dreams" (\(1899 \)).
Sleep is a common experience. We do that once or twice every day/night. Yet, it is also crucial to our living. Sleep is filled with wonders and packed with power. However, not all of us stop to think about the greatness, beauty, or the importance of sleep.
Sleep, though a common experience, is filled with wonders and power

However, many poets have written beautiful poems about sleep. Poets such as William Shakespeare and Sir Philip Sidney have each written sonnets (27 and 39 respectively) on sleep. Philip Larkin contemplates on the best way to sleep in his poem "How to Sleep".
Let us learn more about the poem "Lights Out" by Edward Thomas in the following chapter.
Meanings of difficult words:
RevealMake known to others
A great dealA large amount of
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