A month passed by, and then the same thing happened all over again. But this time, it was the snakes. Makara wrote them one of his letters. They were to leave the forest and, since they could move fast, they had to go in a day!
     Naga, the head of the snakes, pleaded for more time, but Makara would not give in. At the meeting, he silenced the others — the lizards and crocodiles — with even louder shouts and threats. “Snakes are slimy,” he said, “and they make funny noises. Who wants such weird creatures around?” Again, no one dared to disagree with Makara, and so the snakes left.
     For a while, the animals of the forest were happy because they had been a little afraid of the snakes. You never knew when one of them might lose his temper and spit some venom at you! And it took only a little poison to kill you, after all.
The story didn't end with the tortoises' expulsion. It continued with the snakes after a month. This time, it was a day's period to leave the forest place, since they move so fast compared with tortoises.
snakes left draft.jpg
Snakes left the forest
There is a problem that existed in the forest with the expulsion of tortoises that have not been fixed yet, which is the foul smell in the river still exists due to the absence of tortoises. Additionally, the expulsion of snakes is expected to arise another issue soon. The reason given for chasing them out is, they are not trustworthy and make funny voices.
Even this time, no animal dared to speak against Makara's decision. So, the snakes were also thrown out of the forest in a day's period.
For some time, it happened to be a great pleasure for the forest animals without snakes. This is because the animals generally have fear towards snakes. They knew snakes are dangerous, which can inject their poison at them anytime they quarrel. So, during their quarrel, it may kill them. After all, it just needs a little poison.
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