Pull your socks up
Stand up straight
Say thank you
Don’t interrupt
Children are immature and cannot take heavy decisions by themselves. They need the constant guidance and support of adults. They take help from parents to wear uniforms, take food, etc. In that case, parents look for perfection. After a game or so, a child's socks may get pulled down due to all the activities. Children must be allowed to have fun without getting worried about perfection sometimes. Although discipline is important, sometimes it need not be stressed over.
Pulling socks up
Children have to live their own life without having people to tell them what to do always. Just like the phrase "sit up" in stanza 1, people also want children to "stand up" whenever they need them to. Rather than asking them to merely stand up, they could provide them the reason for wanting them to. Most adults feel like they do not owe an explanation to children for the orders they make. They also want them to stand up straight, furnishing more details into how they want their orders to be followed. Children are also expected to say thank you to everyone. In the same way, as they are not taught the purpose of polite words like please, children are also not taught why it is important to thank everyone.
Child standing straight
One of the major flaw of an adult is when they assume that they know all things and that they are ultimate. So when children want to express their thoughts, they are silenced. They are asked not to interrupt them. Adults must understand that even little children can contribute their ideas and it can be effective. Even if adults are having a serious conversation, it can just be informed that they will hear the child out at a different time.
Words with Difficult Meaning:
InterruptTo speak when someone else is speaking
ImmatureNot very logical
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