The poem "Chivy" by Michael Rosen talks about the impact of the words used by elders on children. Parents, teachers, relatives play an important role in shaping the future of a child. What they say moulds their character to a great extent. The poet uses simple language to convey this concept to both children and adults. The poem also attempts to give a space for children to relate to it. The phrases used in the poem are everyday phrases that one gets to hear on a daily basis. One might think of those as normal phrases, but the poet explains as to why they might have a different impact on children. Most of it include things parents tell children without having any logic, but still insist them to follow. To chivy means to irritate or to keep nagging about something. The poet discusses in detail about the things that adults do, that may irritate children. The poem actually starts with an introduction where the poet is taken to a school by his mother. When the teacher asks what he is called at home, he answers "Michael Don't", which shows that his mother often asks him not to do certain things that he thought was his name.
Children are always told what to do