Kit Wright was born on June \(17\), \(1944\), and is a well-known British author. Oxford University was where he received his schooling. Kit Wright has authored over twenty novels that appeal to people of all ages and had won several accolades.
He worked as a lecturer at Brock University in St Catherine's, Canada, in addition to being a writer. Some of Kit's works, which feature humorous, crazy characters, are still enjoyable.
Kit's art is thought-provoking, sorrowful, and enchanting at times. His works stand out because of his clever use of rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, and assonance. It enhances the brilliance of his work.
Apart from that, Kit uses imagery in his work. 'The Magic Box,' one of his finest works, is a compilation of his best poetry.
Some of his most well-known works and accolades are included in the tabular columns below:
 Kit Wright' works
The Bear Looked over the Mountain
Alice Hunt Bartlett Prize + Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize
Short Afternoons
Heinemann Award + Hawthornden Prize
Other Awards
Arts Council Writers Award
Cholmondeley Award
King's Lynn Award for Merit in Poetry
Honorary Fellowship at the English Association