The Snake Trying:
The snake trying
to escape the pursuing stick,
with sudden curvings of thin
long body. How beautiful
and graceful are his shapes!
He glides through the water away
from the stroke. O let him go
over the water
into the reeds to hide
without hurt. Small and green
he is harmless even to children.
Along the sand
he lay until observed
and chased away, and now
he vanishes in the ripples
among the green slim reeds.
                                    ~ W.W.E Ross
The poem "The Snake Trying" by W.W.E Ross portrays the sad plight of a snake who is attacked by humans. The poem begins with the snake making a desperate attempt to escape from the clutches of people who attack him. The poet stands apart from his attackers, as he enjoys the thin long, slender body of the snake as he moves in curves. The snake moves in the water away from the strokes and the poet wishes that he hides in the reeds that grow near the water. The poet does not find any logic in people chasing the snake as he is a small green snake that cannot cause any harm to even children. He had stayed calm and enjoyed himself along the cool sand of the water body. This had forced him to crawl away from his attackers into the water and the reeds, leaving only the ripples behind him. Humans do not internalize that animals have their own space in the world and their intrusion disrupts the balance in nature.