My food loves to prance, to jump, to dance;
I wait for the time, I wait for the chance!
As mommy goes in and out of the room;
tables and chairs become their ballroom!
I flick my fingers; swing my wrist.
Beans and turkey are doing the twist!
Peas, plumbs, apples or mangos;
on to the walls, they're doing the tango!
                                   ~ L. John Riley
The poem personifies food. The poet expresses the joy he feels when he senses that dinner time is approaching. He writes in such a way that the food is also happy that it gets a chance to appease people. He says that his food loves to dance around and jump. The speaker just waits for his mother to go into the kitchen. He makes the entire scene as a party, where the tables and chairs become the ballroom for the food to dance on. The readers can visualise the beans and turkey doing the twist in the dance and the apples, peas and mangoes doing the tango, a dance form that is done with partners.