"The Rebel" has been written by Dennis Joseph Enright (1920-2002). He was a British poet, novelist and a critic, who has written numerous essays, children's fiction and poems.
This poem speaks about the rebellious character of some people. If everybody choose path A, the rebels choose Path B. A rebel is a person who raises in opposition against established norms. Sometimes being rebellious is a good quality, while most of the time it is not. It is good to think different from the others, but the motive should not be to stand differentiated. Read on to know more about what a rebel does, in this poem.
A rebel tries to do different things, to appear unique!
A rebel is someone who goes against the majority. They may be right or wrong but are subject to criticism because they do not follow the crowd. Being a rebel has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.
Individual thinking is encouraged instead of following what everybody else does.Involves a lot of research and study, to prove a point wrong and establish our thoughts.
A different perspective is obtained when we think different.Should be welcome to criticism, even if he is right.
If his thoughts are right and justified, it can become the new norm.The motive should not be to stand unique from the rest. The motive should be to prove our thoughts are better than those of others.