"A Bicycle in Good Repair" is a humorous tale written by Jerome K. Jerome, which in turn, is an extract from the novel “Three Men in a Bummel”. There are two central characters in the lesson. They are the narrator and a man. The lesson tells the narrator's experience with a man who had suggested that they should go on a bicycle ride. When the day of the plan came, the narrator woke up early, got ready on time, and waited for the man in his garden. However, the man reached half an hour late. Then, the man decided to take a look at the bicycle. He claimed that the front wheel of the bicycle wobbled, and hence decided to fix it. He took the front wheel out. Later, he dropped several of screws and bearings. He also removed the gear-case from the bicycle despite the narrator's warning that it was expensive. Later, the man ended up getting in a tug-of-war between the bicycle. Although the narrator was displeased with the events, he remained quite because he didn't want to hurt the man's feelings.
Eventually, the men tried putting the bicycle back together. However, unfortunately, the bicycle started to wobble by then. Around \(12\):\(45\) in the afternoon, the man gave up his repair work. He looked dirty and had cuts and bruises from his battle with the bicycle. The latter also had a significant share in the misfortune. In the end, the man cleaned himself, and the narrator sent him home without taking the trip they had intended.
A Bicycle in Good Repair