"A Bicycle in Good Repair" is written by Jerome K. Jerome. It is an extract from his novel "Three Men on the Bummel", published in the year \(1900\). The book is also known as "Three Men on Wheels".
"Three Men on the Bummel" was written as a sequel to the novel "Three Men on a Boat", his most famous and successful work. The sequel was written eleven years after the publication of the first book. While the first book dealt with the boat trip on River Thames, "Three Men on the Bummel" was about a cycling tour in Germany.
Speaking of the style of writing, Jerome is widely loved for the humour in his works, which is quite "warm, unsatirical, and unintellectual"**. The lesson "A Bicycle in Good Repair" demonstrates these characteristics of his writing.

There are two characters in the lesson "A Bicycle in Good Repair". They are the narrator and his friend. The narrator narrates an incident where his friend repairs the narrator's perfectly fine bicycle and ends up making it worse.
A bicycle
The lesson should not be confused with a collection of essays called "A Bicycle in Good Repair".