“Fact number 4, he doesn’t receive any letters.”

     Seven nodded.

     “Number 5, he’s been living in Room 10 of Shankar House for more than a year,” I continued.

     “Number 6, he doesn’t work and sits in his room all day.

     “Number 7, the kids in Shankar House and even some of the grown-ups are scared of him.

     “Number 8, he has no visitors except for a spectacled, fair, fat man who visits him on Sundays for lunch.

     “Number 9, food and tea are taken to his room by Ramesh from the restaurant downstairs. He doesn’t care what he eats, pays his bill immediately and tips well. That ends my list. Have I forgotten anything, Seven?”
Maya proceeded to read out the rest of the facts.
The fact that Mr Nath doesn't receive any letters was the fourth fact. Nished nodded his head, indicating that he, too, thought the point to be valid.
The fifth was that Mr Nath had been residing in Room \(10\) of Shankar House for more than a year. The line reveals the fact that Mr Nath is relatively new in the neighbourhood.
The sixth fact spoke about how Mr Nath didn't go for any work and instead spends the entire day in his room.
Maya explained how the kids and even certain adults at the Shankar House were terrified of Mr Nath, which became number seven on Maya's list.
The kids were scared of Mr Nath
The eighth fact was that Mr Nath didn't have any visitors other than a tall, fair, strong, spectacled man who came practically every Sunday for lunch.
nine was that Mr Nath didn't go down to the restaurant to eat his meals, didn't care what he ate, paid the bill promptly, and left a generous tip.
With the \(9\)th fact, Maya's list had come to an end. She then asks Nishad whether she had covered all the relevant points.
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