Dorothy Hinshaw Patent is a teacher, writer, and content editor. She was born on born April \(30\), \(1940\), in Minnesota, U.S.A. Patent, beings famous for her children's books, has authored over \(100\)s nonfiction books. She has also written in many other genres, including travel articles and gardening books for readers of all ages.

Since a child, Patent was fascinated by animals and plants, and everything to do with nature. The fascination grew bigger as she grew older. She went on to receive a Ph. D in Zoology and had also written numerous books on wildlife and wildlife management.

Some of her works are "Pika Country: Climate Change at the Top of the World" (published in the year \(2020\)), "Dogs and People: Why Dogs and People Are Perfect Partner" (published in the year \(2018\)), "Biodiversity" (published in the year \(2016\)), and "Fire: Friend and Foe" (published in the year \(1998\)).

Patent has won numerous awards for her works. In \(1987\), she received the Eva L. Gordon Award from the American Nature Study Society. It was given in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the literature of science. In \(2004\), She received the Children's Book Guild 2004 Nonfiction Award from the Washington Post.

Patent lives with her family in Montana, U.S.A.
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Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
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