How to prevent fire accidents at your home?
  1. Never play with fire such as matchboxes or lit candles.
  2. Do not place lit candles near curtains, on beds or plastic objects.
  3. Be careful while cooking. Do not let children go near the fire.
  4. While walking or staying near fire, hold and secure your clothes properly.
  5. Follow safety measures while celebrating festivals such as Diwali.
  6. Do not leave home with any form of fire unattended.
How to deal with a situation if there a fire at your place?
  1. Shout for help.
  2. Call \(101\).
  3. Determine the cause of fire if possible. While water can put down almost all kinds of fire, it will not work on electric and oil fires. So be careful.
  4. Evacuate the building as quickly as possibly.
  5. Take the stairs instead of elevators.
  6. Do not inhale the smoke caused by fire.
  7. Do not enter a room if the doorknob is hot.
How to be prepared for a fire accident?
  1. Have a fire extinguisher installed.
  2. Learn to operate the fire extinguisher.
  3. Learn first aid.
  4. Keep an emergency and first-aid kit ready.
  5. Learn about the entrances and exits in your building.
  6. Learn the location of the main electricity switch.