Just as three things are needed to start a fire, there are three main ways in which a fire can be put out. In each, one of the three things needed for burning is taken away.
     For example, we can take away the fuel. If the fire has no fuel to feed on, no burning can take place. We often let a fire die out simply by not adding more fuel to it.

Since fire needs three elements to persist, it will perish if you take one of the elements away. Hence, there are three ways through which fire is stopped. Each one is about a procedure which involves in taking one of the components away.

The three elements in starting a fire
The first method is about fuel. Since fire needs fuel to burn, we can simply stop the fire by not adding more fuel to it. Fire stops blazing when there is no more fuel to burn.

You must have lit sparklers and crackers during Diwali.

So, why does the sparklers come to an end after burning for some time?

Yes, you have guessed it right. It stops when there is no fuel to burn. So if you want to keep playing with sparklers, you would have to take a new sparkler.

Sparklers are lit during festivals
The same principle is followed when you cook in the traditional stove. The stove needs fuel, such as wood, to produce fire. So, if you stop adding wood to the fire, it will stop burning.
A man cooking using the traditional stove
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