The story "Gopal and the Hilsa-fish" is about Gopal and a Hilsa-fish. The story is written in the form of comic strip style. Comic strip style is a sequence of drawings drawn to describe the story in an interesting way. It helps the readers to understand the story more easily.

The story "Gopal and the Hilsa-fish" narrates the intelligence of Gopal. The story begins with an image of fishermen fishing at the sea; it was the season for Hilsa-fish. Everyone, including the courtiers at the palace, was talking about the fish. Eventually, the king got fed up hearing about the fish and, as a result, he throws a challenge at Gopal.
The characters of the story are,
  • Gopal, the courtier
  • King
  • Guards
  • Courtiers
  • Gopal's wife
  • A boy and his mother
  • Two men
  • Householders
Hilsa-fish, though not an active character, can be seen as an important aspect of the plot.