The term 'quality' refers to a high level of excellence in any domain. It is essential to maintain a high degree of quality to operate a company. In reality, 'quality' aids in client retention. However, it (quality) led the two brothers to suffer in the short story 'Quality.'

Mr. Gessler is the protagonist of the short story 'Quality.' Mr. Gessler and his elder brother, who worked with honesty, quality, dedication, and commitment throughout their lives, are at the narrative centre.
They were German immigrants who began their bootmaking business on a fashionable London backstreet. Since marketing was comparatively low in small shops to big firms, they kept losing customers and failed to gain profits.
The Gessler brothers were traditional bootmakers who did not want to compromise on their quality even when they started losing customers. The author remained to be a loyal customer who valued the integrity, honesty and quality work of the Gessler brothers. They considered bootmaking to be an art and not a job.
Apart from 'quality,' Gessler's company failure was caused by bad planning, a shortage of labour, a lack of money, a failure to meet customer deadlines, and a lack of promotion.