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     “Ah!” he said, “poor old man starved himself. Slow starvation, the doctor called it! You see he went to work in such a way! Would keep the shop on; wouldn’t have a soul touch his boots except himself. When he got an order, it took him such a time. People won’t wait. He lost everybody. And there he’d sit, going on and on. I will say that for him—not a man in London made a better boot. But look at the competition! He never advertised! Would have the best leather too, and do it all himself. Well, there it is. What could you expect with his ideas?”
While the news of young Gessler's death was terrible, the cause of his death was far worse. The Englishman began to explain to the author the circumstances behind Gessler's death. According to the Englishman, Gessler starved himself to death, as the physicians said he died of slow starvation because Gessler focused only on his career and paid little attention to his health.

Mr. Gessler refused to allow anyone to help him and kept his shop open late at night. Despite the fact that Gessler worked day and night, he lost clients since the orders were not completed on time. Despite this, Gessler continued to put in long hours. Despite being the finest bootmaker in London, he failed in business because he did not know how to compete.
Furthermore, Gessler never advertised his products. As previously stated, despite using the finest leather, Gessler's business failed since he never had someone to assist him while working on the ordered boots. Gessler's business failure was primarily due to poor planning, a lack of labour, a lack of money, a failure to fulfil client deadlines, and a lack of advertising.
Meaning of difficult words:
StarvationTo die from lack of food
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