Now in the same village there lived a wicked old man and his wife, not a bit sensitive and kind, who had always kicked and scolded all dogs whenever any passed their house. Hearing of their neighbours’ good luck, they coaxed the dog into their garden and set before him bits of fish and other dainties, hoping he would find treasure for them. But the dog, being afraid of the cruel pair, would neither eat nor move.
     Then they dragged him out of doors, taking a spade and hoe with them. No sooner had the dog got near a pine tree growing in the garden than he began to paw and scratch the ground, as if a mighty treasure lay beneath.
     “Quick, wife, hand me the spade and hoe!” cried the greedy old fool, as he danced with joy.
An evil couple known for their bad behaviour and greediness lived in the same village where the good old couple lived. They were quite the opposite of the good old couple. The bad old couple always kicked and scolded dogs and treated them horribly. They couldn't bear having a dog cross their house since they disliked them. They'd heard of the good old couple's good fortune. As a result, they brought the good old couple's dog to their garden as they were greedy for riches and wanted to be rich using Muko. They provided Muko with fish pieces and other expensive, delicious meals in the hopes of discovering a hidden treasure.
Bad old couple's offer to Muko.png
Bad old couple's offer to Muko

When Muko refused to eat the food offered by the cruel pair, they dragged Muko out of their garden angrily to find the treasure as they wanted to acquire wealth like the good old couple. Muko had no choice but to walk near a pine tree and scratch the ground, as it had done before for the good old farmer to locate gold, for the wicked couple had compelled it to do so.
The wicked couple were happy. They planned to dig the spot Muko scratched to get the treasure for themselves. The wicked man quickly instructed his wife to pass him the spade and hoe. He became happy that he was going to find a treasure like the good old couple.
Meaning of difficult words:
Morally wrong and cruel
DaintiesTasty, expensive foods
Treasure A collection of valuable things like gold or silver
CoaxTo influence someone gently
SpadeA tool used for digging
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