The delighted daimio ordered the train to be stopped and got out to see the wonder. Calling the old man to him, he thanked him and ordered presents of silk robes, sponge-cake, fans and other rewards to be given him. He even invited him to his castle.
     So the old man went gleefully home to share his joy with his dear old wife.
     But when the greedy neighbour heard of it, he took some of the magic ashes and went out on the highway. There he waited until a daimio’s train came along and, instead of kneeling down like the crowd, he climbed a withered cherry tree.
When the daimio noticed the sudden wonder of a withered cherry tree giving out flowers, he ordered to stop the procession. The daimio then got out from his palanquin to see the magic. He was happy to see a flowering cherry tree and was pleased with the old man's warm greetings for him. He called out the good old man and thanked him for his wonderful magic. The daimio appreciated the good old man's work and rewarded him with gifts like silk robes, sponge-cake, fans and many more. Also, the daimio had extended an invitation to the good old man to his palace.
The old man joyfully returned home to share his happiness with his loved old wife. However, the greedy next-door neighbour heard about the incident mentioned above.
The bad old man.jpg
The greedy old man
He took some of the magical ashes along and hurried toward the highway. He planned to collect rewards like the good old man using the magical ashes.
Instead of kneeling like the others, he climbed a withered cherry tree like the good old man while waiting for a daimio's procession to come, ready to throw the ashes on the tree as soon as the daimio arrived. Even after failing in his first two tries, the evil old man had not stopped to carry out his efforts or realise his past mistakes but had only stayed greedy.
Meaning of difficult words:
GleefulHappy and excited
CastleA grand palace
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