The conference room in the Central Bureau was so quiet that an outsider would have thought it was empty. Far from it. It was full to capacity but the members of the Central Committee were unusually quiet. They knew that the President was going to make a momentous announcement.
    “Colleagues! I will give you the report as I have it. While I speak there may be a change in the situation,” the President paused to get his papers in order and then continued. “Two spacecraft are approaching us. One is in fact orbiting our planet while the other is still far away. We guess that they are coming from our neighbouring planet. How should we react? Number One, your views please.”

    Number One was in charge of defence. He was known for his courage and wisdom. “Sir, if we wish we can totally destroy these spacecraft with our missiles. But that won’t make us any wiser. We do not have the capacity to render these craft unoperational in space; but should they land we can render them ineffective anytime we choose. Our reports say that they do not contain living beings, they only have instruments.”
On the other hand, the meeting room at the Central Bureau grew so quiet that an outsider would think it was deserted. It means that the meeting room was silent, and a person from outside would probably believe that no one was there in the conference room. On the other hand, the conference room was not vacant; it was full of Committee members. The Central Committee members then seemed to be unusually quiet. The reason behind their silence was that the committee was expecting the President to make an important announcement. They were waiting for the announcement from the President and could start their work only after the instructions from their President.

Then the President informed his colleagues that he would give the report when he receives it. Moreover, he stated that the situation might alter when he speaks, pausing to collect his documents before continuing. It means he was gathering information and expecting the situation to change at any time, so he was waiting for a proper response about the spaceship.

While having a conversation with the colleagues, the President mentioned that the two spacecraft were approaching them. One of the two was orbiting their planet, while the other was still far away from the planet. In addition, he indicated that it was most likely from their neighbouring planet. On the other hand, the President had doubts about how to handle and react to the spaceship. The reason behind the President's statement was that he wanted to hear the perspectives of his colleagues. As a result, he sought number one's advice and opinions.
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The defence team was led by Number One. He was renowned for his boldness and wisdom. Number One stated that if they wished to destroy the spacecraft, they could do it with the help of their weapons. Moreover, he suggested that it was not a good idea. Also, he stated that they couldn't disable the spacecraft while they were in space. It meant that destroying the spaceship in space was not a good deal. It would be easier to disable them effectively at any time once they landed on the surface. He further stated that the reports said that there were no living beings in the spacecraft, which contained only instruments. As a result, he said that it was preferable to disable them anytime once they had landed.
Meanings of the difficult words:
AnnouncementA public and typically formal statement about a fact, occurrence, or intention
Momentous Of a decision, event, or change of great importance or significance, especially in its bearing on the future
DefenceThe action of defending from or resisting attack
Courage The ability to control your fear in a dangerous or difficult situation
WisdomThe ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgments
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