The most difficult thing to teach an elephant is the master call. He generally takes five years to learn it properly. The master call is a strange hissing, howling sound, as if a snake and a tiger were fighting each other, and you have to make that kind of noise in his ear. And do you know what you expect an elephant to do when you give him the master call? If you are lost in the jungle and there is no way out, and everything is black except the stars above, you dare not stay very long anywhere. The only thing to do then is to give the master call and at once the elephant pulls down the tree in front of him with his trunk. This frightens all the animals away. As the tree comes crashing down, monkeys wake from their sleep and run from branch to branch—you can see them in the moonlight—and you can almost see the stags running in all directions below. You can hear the growl of the tiger in the distance. Even he is frightened. Then the elephant pulls down the next tree and the next, and the next. Soon you will find that he has made a road right through the jungle straight to your house.
The most difficult and important thing to teach an elephant was a master call. Master call is a type of sound produced when a snake and a tiger fight with each other. The sound should be very strange and fearful. An elephant must know about a master call. The master teaches his elephant about the master call by making the sound in his ear. When the master is in any crisis, if there is no way to come out from the forest he can give a master call. When the master call reaches the elephant, it thinks that his master is in trouble. The sound passes through the wind and it finally reaches the ear of the particular elephant.
The trained elephant would reach the spot by pulling out the trees in front of him.
An elephant reaches the spot by pulling out trees
When an elephant hears the master call, he immediately arrives at the particular spot by pulling down the trees one by one. On seeing the behaviour of the elephant, the other animals in the forest, like monkeys, stags, and tigers, ran away from there to save their lives.
Animals in the forest got frightened
In this way, an elephant makes a path out of the forest. An elephant takes five years to learn a master call. Likewise, Kari also took five years to learn his master call.
Meanings of the difficult words:
HissingSound of a snake
HowlingSound of a tiger
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