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"Bringing up Kari" is an exciting story written by "Dhan Gopal Mukerji". This story is about a five-month-old baby elephant and the narrator.

"Bringing up Kari" speaks about two incidents. The first incident talks about Kari's kind-heartedness and caring tendency and the second one speaks about Kari's transformation of character.

The story goes on like Kari, and the narrator usually takes their morning bath in a nearby river. After bathing, the narrator leaves Kari, and he goes deep inside the forest to cut some delicate twigs. While cutting the twigs for Kari, the narrator hears a loud scream. He thinks that Kari is in trouble. Immediately, the narrator reaches the spot, and he sees a boy drowning deep inside the water. Kari pulls the narrator into the river, but unfortunately, the narrator was not a good swimmer. Finally, Kari saves the lives of the narrator and the young boy.

The second incident speaks about Kari's transformation of character. Kari likes to eat ripe bananas. One day, the narrator finds that all the fruit from his dining-table gets vanished. His parents and servants blame him for stealing all the bananas. Finally, the narrator finds that all the bananas are destroyed and lying scattered in Kari's pavilion. The narrator realises that Kari is the culprit. The narrator warns Kari for stealing the bananas. From that day onwards, Kari stops stealing bananas. If anybody gives him any bananas, he will thank them and receive them.

"Bringing up Kari" speaks a few common things about elephants. An elephant must be taught when to sit and stand, or else the caretaker needs to carry a ladder with him wherever he goes. The most important and challenging thing to teach an elephant is a master call. Master call is a type of sound that makes the elephant feel that their master is in trouble. When an elephant hears a master call, he arrives at the particular spot to rescue his master. An elephant takes five years to learn a master call.
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