As I went out, I saw Kari’s back disappearing in the direction of the pavilion and I was so frightened that I wanted his company to cheer me up. I ran after him into the pavilion and I found him there eating bananas. I stood still in astonishment; the bananas were lying strewn all around him. He stretched out his trunk and reached for one far away from where he was standing. That instant the trunk looked like a black snake, and I realised that Kari was the thief. I went to him, pulled him out by the ear and joyously showed my parents that it was Kari and not I that had eaten all the fruit these many weeks. Then I scolded him, for elephants understand words as well as children, and I said to him, “Next time I see you stealing fruit, you will be whipped.” He knew that we were all angry with him, even the servants. His pride was so injured that he never stole another thing from the dining-room. And from then on, if anybody gave him any fruit, he always squealed as if to thank them.
    An elephant is willing to be punished for having done wrong, but if you punish him without any reason, he will remember it and pay you back in your own coin.
When the narrator went out, he saw Kari's back disappearing into the pavilion. He was very much afraid, and he wanted Kari's company to cheer him up. Then he ran after him and found that Kari was eating all the bananas.
Secretly, Kari was eating all the bananas
The narrator was astonished. The bananas were extremely destroyed and lying scattered all around Kari. When Kari stretched out his trunk, it looked like that of a snake. Finally, he realised that Kari was the culprit. He went near him, pulled out his ear, and showed him to his parents that Kari was the thief. After that, the narrator scolded Kari for stealing the bananas. He warned him that he would punish him with a whip if he stole again. Kari knew that everyone must be angry with him. From that day onwards, Kari did not steal anything from the dining-room.
If anybody gave him any fruit, he would always thank them and receive it.
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Kari thanking and blessing people
From that day onwards, Kari started obeying the narrator's words. The narrator, while speaking about Kari's character he remembered about Kari's revenge. For instance, on a fine day narrator and Kari went for bathing. At that, Kari met a very naughty boy. The little boy used to beat Kari without any reason. The narrator noticed that and took Kari away. Kari kept all these things in his mind. After long days Kari met that boy again. On seeing that boy, Kari remembered the older incidents and started attacking the boy. An elephant accepts the punishment when he does anything wrong. If we punish him without any reason, he will remember it and pay it in return.
Meanings of the difficult words:
AstonishmentGreat surprise
Strewn Untidily scattered
ScoldTo speak angrily to somebody because he/she has done something bad or wrong
ThiefA person who steal things without others knowledge
WhipA long piece of leather with a handle, is used for punishing animals or humans
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Kari thanking and blessing people: Arpan Bhatia /