Chandni reached the hills. It seemed to her that the old hills were standing in a row to welcome her. She felt like a child meeting her parents after years of separation. Wherever she went, the tall grass rose to embrace her, the flowers bloomed to amuse her and the wind sang an endless song of welcome. How different all this was from her past in the prison-house of Abbu Khan’s compound! It was the happiest day in Chandni’s life.
Chandni ran toward the hill after she escaped through the hut's window. Finally, she reached the hills; she finally achieved her freedom and was breathing in the fresh air of the hills. And, the hills appeared to be standing up to greet her. It was like she had met her parents after a long time.
Chandni reached the hills
She felt like a child seeing her parents again after many years of separation. Wherever Chandni walked, she felt like the long grass was surrounding her, flowers blooming to delight her, and the breeze singing an everlasting welcoming melody for her. The grass, flowers, and mountains all appeared to be beckoning her to venture into the hills. She relished her freedom in the hills. She then started comparing the beauty of the hills and her freedom to Abbu's place, as she felt terrible about being imprisoned in Abbu's home. Chandni felt it was the most fantastic day of her life, and she felt like the world's happiest goat.
Meaning of difficult words:
SeparationRefers to a situation or period of isolation
Beckon To invite someone to get closer
GreetTo welcome somebody
RelishGreat enjoyment
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