Golu, a baby elephant with a bulging snout, lived in an era when elephants didn't have trunks. He was an inquisitive baby who kept pestering his relatives with questions, leading them to assume he was a mischievous baby. He wondered one day, "What do crocodiles eat for dinner?" He was led to the Limpopo River by a Myna bird to find the answer for himself. As a result, Golu started a journey to the Limpopo River, where he met a python.

Golu immediately began inquiring about crocodiles to a python but did not receive any answer for his queries. Despite this, Golu assisted the python in coiling around a limb of a tree. The python then followed Golu without his knowledge.

Golu reached the Limpopo River's bank after few days of his journey. Unfortunately, he fell for the crocodile's enticing remarks and approached him to find out what the crocodile's dinner was. The crocodile took advantage of Golu's curiosity and innocence and captured him with its nose. The python that had been following Golu to the riverside immediately assisted Golu.

After a long battle, Golu was finally free from the crocodile's clutches, but his nose had grown five feet longer. Despite spending a long time in the Limpopo River trying to shrink his nose, it (Golu's trunk) remained in the same posture (five feet long). The python then explained to Golu the benefits of having a long snout (trunk).

After realising his mistakes and the advantages of having a large nose, Golu thanked the wise python and returned home pleased.