He met a python and asked him, “Have you ever seen a crocodile? What does he look like? What does he have for dinner?”
     The python uncoiled himself from the branch of a tree but said nothing. Golu politely helped him to coil around the branch again and said goodbye to him.
     Golu moved on, eating sugar canes, bananas and melons. After a few days he reached the very edge of the great, grassy Limpopo river. On the bank of the river he saw a log of wood.
On the way to the Limpopo River, Golu came upon a python. He then asked the python questions about crocodiles, such as their look and what they eat for dinner. Golu, on the other hand, received no response as the python remained silent while it uncoiled from a tree branch. The python was then gently helped in re-coiling around the branch by Golu, who then bid him farewell. This shows Golu's helping nature. In addition, Golu had not anticipated python's help in return.
Golu then continued on his journey, consuming sugar canes, bananas, and melons along the way. He arrived on the banks of the wide, green Limpopo river after a few days. On the riverbed, he came upon a log of wood.
Meaning of difficult words:
River bankRiver side or river bed 
LogA large piece of a cut or fallen tree
Politely Showing respect for others through manners, speech, behaviour etc.
LimbOne of the main branches of a tree
CoilA round shape formed by series of circles
Anticipate To expect
PythonA large snake
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