Golu was afraid, but he sat down on the bank and said, “You are the very person I was looking for. Please tell me what you have for dinner.”
     “Come here, little one, and I’ll whisper the answer to you,” said the crocodile.
     Golu put his head down close to the crocodile’s snout and the crocodile caught him by the nose.
     “I think,” said the crocodile, “today a baby elephant will be my dinner.”
     “Let me go. You are hurting me, Mr Crocodile,” screamed Golu.
When Golu was urged to approach the crocodile closer, he was terrified.
Golu's fear for crocodile.jpg
Golu's fear for crocodile
Still, he sat down on the bank and informed the crocodile that it (the crocodile) was the one Golu had been waiting to meet for days because he was curious bout what it would eat for supper. The crocodile took advantage of Golu's curiosity.

For the third time, the crocodile enticed him closer, offering to whisper the answer to Golu's query. The innocent Golu put his confidence in the crocodile and approached it. But, the crocodile suddenly grabbed Golu by the nose as he lowered his head near the crocodile's snout. After that, the crocodile informed the young elephant that he would be eating a baby elephant for dinner. Golu cried, begging the crocodile to release him, but the crocodile refused. Golu's curiosity and innocence eventually brought him into trouble.
Meaning of difficult words:
ScreamTo utter a sudden loud cry
EnticeTo persuade someone to do something especially by offering advantage
Whisper To speak softly
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