Golu is the main character in the story "Golu Grows a Nose". He was a baby elephant without a trunk. He was always curious and would ask others questions. Since he continued asking them difficult questions, his family thought of him as a naughty baby.
Golu was constantly curious and was once stumped by a query about what crocodiles ate for dinner. Even as a baby, Golu refused to accept help from others, preferring to find the answer to his question on his own. That is why he continued his journey toward the Limpopo River. He helped a python on the trip, although the python did not answer Golu's questions. This reflects Golu's helpful attitude.

Despite his fears, Golu took a confident approach to the crocodile. When the crocodile tried to eat him, he was able to withstand the attack with the help of the python, proving his bravery.

He eventually agreed with the python's explanation of the benefits of having a long nose. Even though Golu's curiosity led him into trouble, he regarded it as a learning experience and accepted his new look.

Apart from the lesson's morals, it also shows the positive aspects of Golu, such as curiosity, initiative, helpful nature, confidence, courage, winning spirit, and acceptance.