"The Bear Story" by Axel Munthe, revolves around the story of a lady who had a bear for a pet. She had found him in a dense forest when he was a cub. He was taken care of and brought up by the lady and the cook as a soft animal who was friendly with the other animals near the house.
The lady had the habit of visiting her sister, who lived across the forest. She would usually chain the bear during these times, for she did not want him to get influenced by the wildness of the forest. But one day she found the bear following her. This angered her that she hit him with her umbrella and drove him back.
When she returned, she started scolding him. But the cook informed her that he had stayed in the house all day and waited for the lady to come home. This was when she realized that she had mistaken an actual wild bear, to be her pet bear. This thought had helped her to escape from the dangerous situation that she was put in.
A tamed bear with a woman