Soapy turned off Broadway. It seemed that this most easy way to the Island was not to be his. He must think of some other way of getting there.

     At a corner of Sixth Avenue was a shop with a wide glass window, bright with electric lights. Soapy picked up a big stone and threw it through the glass. People came running around the corner. A cop was the first among them. Soapy stood still, and he smiled when he saw the cop.
     “Where’s the man that did that?” asked the cop.

     “Don’t you think that I might have done it?” said Soapy. He was friendly and happy. What he wanted was coming towards him.

     But the cop’s mind would not consider Soapy. Men who break windows do not stop there to talk to cops. They run away as fast as they can. The cop saw a man further along the street, running. He ran after him. And Soapy, sick at heart, walked slowly away. He had failed two times.
After his first effort to enter the jail was unsuccessful, Soapy left Broadway. He believed that this easiest way to reach the Blackwell’s Island was not to be his. So he must think of another plan to reach the prison.

The following scene takes place in front of a shop. Soapy noticed a shop on the corner of Sixth Avenue. It was a shop that sold glass-plates. A large glass window with strong electric lighting made the glass objects appear to be appealing. On seeing that, he had a sudden idea. He walked over to the shop, grabbed a cobblestone, and threw it through the glass window. Because of the force of the stone, the window glass shattered.
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Soapy took a stone and threw it over the glass window
People hurried towards the shop when they saw it. As a result, the first person to arrive at the crime spot was a police officer. Soapy smiled when he saw the policeman and stood still because he was happy to see the cop and thought that very soon he would be arrested by him. This was the most awaited moment of Soapy.

The policeman came forward and asked, “Where’s the man that did that?” At that time, Soapy said, “Don’t you think that I might have done it?” Soapy spoke to the police officer in a happy and friendly way because he had done everything for a purpose, and the things were happening as per his plan. He wished for the officer to take him into custody.

To his misfortune, the police officer never doubted him and accepted him as the culprit. The policeman thought that the men who committed mistakes wouldn’t stand in front of him and accept their mistakes. They would try to escape from the place. Meanwhile, the policeman saw a man running along the street to 'catch a car'.* He thought the man who was running was the real culprit. The policeman ran after the man to catch him. Soapy never expected his second plan would go wrong. He was upset and felt helpless. He started to walk in a depressed state. Finally, Soapy got failed in his second attempt too.
Meanings of the difficult words:
AppealingAttractive or interesting
Execute Put a plan, order, or course of action into effect
MisfortuneAn unfortunate condition or event
Escape Break free from confinement or control
Depressed Of a person in a state of unhappiness
CulpritA person who is responsible for a crime or other misdeed
CobblestoneA stone used in paving a street or in construction
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