All living things need water in order to survive. The few plants and animals that live in deserts have developed the ability to require less water than most plants and animals. The camel, popularly known as the ‘ship of the desert’, can drink a lot of water at one time. Camels can do without water for days together. The reason is they sweat very little. We sweat because we must keep our body temperature constant. We sweat when it gets hot, and this cools the body. Camels can stand high body temperature. They don’t need to sweat and can, therefore, retain the water they drink for long periods of time.
Living things need water, and it is essential to most bodily functions. Water is required by all living organisms daily. For example, we need water to quench our thirst. If we do not drink water, it will result in adverse situations.

While most plants and animals need water regularly to survive, some desert plants and animals have adapted their bodies to suit the desert environment. As a result, they do not need more water for survival. For example, the structure of Cacti plants helps them to consume less water. Cactus is a succulent plant that lives in deserts or dry areas. Its system is designed to store water inside its cells, which can retain for a long time.

While some desert animals prevent water leaving from its body, other animals' bodies were designed in a way to drink less water. For example, the Kangaroo rat that lives in the southwestern deserts of the United States does not drink water in its life span. A typical desert adaptation of desert animals was that it does not expose itself to hot temperature to save water in its body.
Scorpion in its burrow.jpg
Scorpion in its burrow

Desert animals like tortoises, toads, foxes etc., use burrows to escape from the hot desert surface. 'Camel' is a less water consuming living desert being. It's the best example of a desert animal that can survive without water for many days. Since it sweats little and can consume a lot of water, it survives in the desert.

In general, human beings sweat when their bodies get exposed to hot climatic conditions. This sweating happens to keep the body cool and to maintain the body temperature. The body temperature of camels is different. Since the body of camels was designed in such a way to endure high temperature, there are fewer chances for them to sweat. So, if camels drink a lot of water at one time, they would sustain in their body for a long time. Camels are called 'ship of the desert' as it is the only mode of transportation in desert areas. People living in deserts largely depend on camels for their travel.
Camel-The ship of the desert.jpg
Camel-The ship of the desert
Meaning of difficult words:
Unfavourable or harmful
Having thick, fleshy leaves or stems adapted to store water
Consume To eat or drink something
Burrow A hole or tunnel dug by a small animal
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