Forest remains to be evergreen throughout the year.A desert is a dry land.
Forests receive more rainfall.Deserts receive less rainfall.
Forests receive about \(200\)–\(450\) centimetres of rainfall (\(80\)–\(180 \)inches) per year.Deserts receive less than \(25\) centimetres of rainfall (\(10\) inches) on average.
Forests are home to a wide variety of plants and wildlife.Deserts can support a small number of plant and animal species.
Forest plants and animals need not adapt themselves to dry conditions as there is no water scarcity in forests.
Deserts plants and animals can survive only if they adjust and adapt to live in those arid regions as rainfall is less.
Sand dunes are rare in forests.
Sand dunes occur in deserts.
Mining causes deforestation in forests.Mining results in nuclear dust, chemical and water pollution etc., in deserts.
Forests cover about \(31\) percent of the earth's surface.Deserts cover about \(33\) percent of the earth's surface.