The smallest and wisest insect is undoubtedly "ants". People used to grow ants as pets to learn their behavioural activities. The most common type of ants are the red and black ants. Ants live in anthills which consists of separate chambers for queen ants, grubs, worker ants, and soldier ants. There are separate nurseries, reserved quarters, storehouses and barracks for various purposes within an anthill. Ants live and work together in harmony; they have a peaceful life.
The life cycle of an ant starts from the queen ant laying eggs, then the grub or larva comes out. After \(2\)-\(3\) weeks, it becomes cocoons, and it breaks after \(3\) weeks, then ants are born! Beetles, greenflies and other breeds of ants also share the anthills. Humans should learn hard work, discipline, care, loyalty and sincerity from these tiny teachers called ants.