Zulfikar Ghose was born on March \(23\), \(1935\) in Sialkot. Sialkot was a part of India when he was born, but later on, taken over by Pakistan during the partition. In 1942, his family moved to Bombay. After the partition, Ghose settled in England. Although he got settled abroad, he is well known as a Pakistani-American novelist, poet and essayist. This was owing to the fact that he was closely associated with Sylvia Plath, one of the most renowned poets of America.
Ghose is very famous for using magical realism in most of his works. Magical realism is when the author tries to portray a very real view of the modern world in his work by mixing it with magical elements and fantasies. He wrote on serious topics by giving a touch of the supernatural or the fantasy.
Ghose also worked as a teacher for nearly half his life. He was also a sports journalist and worked in a sports magazine called "The observer", where he commented on cricket. He has also published an autobiography called " Confessions of a Native Alien". In 1966, he published his first novel, "The contradictions". He is most known for his trilogy "The Incredible Brazilians", which included the novels "The Native ", "The Beautiful Empire", "A Different World".
Some of his famous works include:
  • Statement Against Corpses
  • The Murder of Aziz Khan
  • A New History of Torments
  • Jets from Orange
  • The Loss of India
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*Zulfikar Ghose