The poem "Geography lesson" talks about how people hate on each other, in the fragile life they have got, in the name of materialistic things. The poem is narrated from the point of view of an aerial perspective. This emphasizes on the fact that one must detach oneself from a situation, in order to understand it properly from an objective point of view. This is how the poet understands several things. He justifies an unplanned city saying that it is all laid out just the way it must be. The poem also explains the concept of people striving to lead a decent life with basic amenities like food and water. The geography lesson in the title indicates the lesson the poet learns of the inhabitants of the world. He addresses the issue of people fighting and killing each other for petty issues like land ownership. He says that in spite of the fact that the majority of the earth is filled with water, people cannot settle for the little land left for them. The poet calls for unity among people to preserve peace in the world.