The poem "Macavity: the Mystery Cat" is written by T. S. Eliot. It talks about Macavity, a ginger cat who also goes by the name "Hidden Paw". He is a master criminal who is capable of committing a crime without leaving any evidence behind. His ability to vanish without a trace leaves both the Scotland yard and the Flying Squad baffled and in despair. He is known to have broken several laws, and the most astonishing being the law of gravity. His power of levitation, says the speaker, would make a fakir stare. Speaking of his appearance,  he is tall and thin and has hollow eyes. He is not very keen on maintaining his physical appearance because his fur is dirty, and his whiskers are uncombed. He also tends to sway his head like a snake. But he is an alert cat because he is always wide awake even though he may appear to be half asleep. Macavity is not your regular cat as he is a criminal in the form of a cat. He is very mischievous and lacks moral values. He commits crimes, walks around in by-streets or a square as if he is guilt-free, but vanishes when his crime is discovered. Then, Macavity is nowhere to found.