Personification is a figure of speech, a poetic device in which human attributes are given to animals, non-living things or ideas. The objects speak/behave like humans, with human emotions in such cases.
Personifying animals:
1. The cat asked the mouse for a dinner treat.
2. The dog asked his master to let him inside.

Personifying ideas:
1. Love is blind.
2. His anger oozed out in his words.

Personifying non-living things:
1. The popcorn popped out of the bowl immediately in the oven.
2. The sun shined and smiled upon us, early in the morning.
Uses of personification:
1. When human qualities are given to objects, the writer/poet can convey the meaning easily.
2. The understanding of the idea is made easier when objects are personified.
3. It helps to build a character around the object.
4. Makes the text/poetry more interesting and fun to read.
5. Literal meanings are to be ignored in such cases.
Personification used in the poem "On the Grasshopper and Cricket":
  • He takes the lead in summer luxury
  • He has never done with his delights
  • For when tired out with fun, he rests at ease beneath some pleasant weed
In the above lines, "he" refers to the grasshopper, and the same is personified.
  • The frost has wrought a silence-  Frost is personified as a person who brings silence in his wake.