A cricket suddenly realized that it was winter already and he had not stored food for the hard winter days. He had spent the warm summer days singing and enjoying himself. Now his cupboard was empty, and the ground was covered with snow.
Trembling with cold and dripping with wet, he set out to seek help from the ant, who had been working throughout summer to save food for himself. He asked if he could borrow a mouthful of grain and a shelter for the rain. The ant said, though he was a servant and a friend to the cricket, ants do not borrow or lend anything. He also asked why the cricket did not save food during the summer, to which the cricket replied that he was singing. The ant asked him to dance till the winter ended, in a sarcastic manner. The ant shut the door and turned the cricket away.
The poet says this could be a true incident, for there are many two-legged crickets also in this world - referring to lazy people who while away their time, without thinking about their future.