"A Short Monsoon Diary" consists of a few extracts from the diary of Ruskin Bond. This lesson describes the author's experiences in Mussoorie during the monsoons. On the first day of monsoon, the mist covered the hills. Bijju was calling his sister, but the author could not see him due to mist. The next day the rain was warm and humid. It brought with itself the news of the arrival of a few seasonal visitors like the leopard and lots of leeches.
In the next few days, rain stops and the sun shines. Animals, birds, and people are out once again. It rained non-stop for more than a week, which made everything damp. Everything in the surroundings was slightly wet and moist. One could not go anywhere. The only option was to move to and fro in the room or look out of the window at a few umbrellas moving about. The author says that this year's monsoon continued for longer than usual.
In January, the author wrote a poem on winter rain whereas he feels lonely. The poem reinforces the sense of melancholy and loneliness that the author seems to suffer. Perhaps, the feeling of the author lies at the heart of any art form and its creation. 
In March, the winter ends, he reveals about a hailstorm that clears the sky. Bond could see a rainbow forming as he wrote, signifying that there is hope and joy yet in the lap of nature.