"A Short Monsoon Diary" is an assortment of some diary entries of the widely acclaimed and extremely dedicated author, Ruskin Bond. The extracts from the author's diary concerns the silent miracles of nature.
Monsoon season
"A Short Monsoon Diary" deals with the experience of Ruskin Bond during monsoon season in the mountains. He has represented the outstanding highlights of nature, its indefinable beauty and all the widely varied vegetation that arise out throughout the season.
Ruskin Bond had spent a large part of his life in India and was deeply motivated by the natural beauty of the mountains. In the story, he has described the blossoms, plants, creepers and all varieties of insects, reptiles and animals that he witnessed during monsoon.
The lesson is about the author’s experiences during the monsoon months in Mussoorie. Monsoon starts in the last week of June and continues till the end of August. The cold rains are welcomed in October till the last darkest cloud in March which renders the sky clear for the rainbow after it hails.
"A Short Monsoon Diary" is not a moral story because, throughout the monsoon months, the author describes the nature and the weather. At the start of monsoon season, the whole atmosphere gets covered in mist, and besides, an uncanny silence prevails as the birds in the hill fall silent.
The author’s intention on the lesson: "For those who observe it with interest, nature can be a very beautiful thing."