At five o’clock the same afternoon in Hudroo, two Gujarati gentlemen from a group of picnickers discovered Bepin Babu lying unconscious beside a boulder. When he came round, the first thing Bepin Babu said was, “I’m finished. There’s no hope left.”
     Next morning, Bepin Babu was back in Calcutta. He realised that there was truly no hope for him. Soon he would lose everything: his will to work, his confidence, his ability, his balance of mind. Was he going to end up in the asylum at...? Bepin Babu couldn’t think any more.
     Back home, he rang up Dr Chanda and asked him to come over. Then, after a shower, he got into bed with an ice bag clamped on his head. Just then the servant brought him a letter which someone had left in the letter box. A greenish envelope with his name in red ink on it.
Bepin's only chance was Hudroo.
Hudroo falls.jpg
Hudroo falls
Unfortunately, he was unable to recollect his prior journey despite his best efforts. He couldn't recollect the incident in Hudroo that Ghose had told him at the bookstall, in which Bepin had fallen and been injured on his Ranchi trip. His last attempt also failed.
As Bepin couldn't remember his initial trip to Ranchi, he fainted near Hudroo Falls, which was the last destination he had chosen. And no one was around when he fainted.
Finally, around \(5\) p.m, two Gujarati men from a group of picnickers spotted Bepin Babu lying near a rock in Hudroo. They aided Bepin. On regaining consciousness, his first words were, "I'm finished. There's no hope left."

Bepin was in a highly hopeless state and returned to Calcutta the next day. Bepin concluded that he had no chance of regaining his memory. He thought he'd soon lose everything: his motivation to work, his self-assurance, his talent, and his mental stability. Is he going to end up in the asylum, he wondered? Bepin didn't want to think about it anymore. Bepin was obviously scared of ending up in an mental institution like his brother.
Bepin's hopeless state.png
Bepin's hopeless state

Bepin then phoned Dr. Chanda and asked him to come over. He then got into bed with an ice pack strapped on his head after taking a shower. The servant then handed him a letter that had been left in the letterbox by someone. His name was written in red ink on a greenish envelope.
Letter Box.png
Letter Box
Meaning of difficult words:
Asylum A mental hospital
BoulderA very large rock
ClampTo hold something tightly in a particular position
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