Every Monday, on his way back from work, Bepin Choudhury would drop in at Kalicharan's in New Market to buy books. Crime stories, ghost stories and thrillers. He had to buy at least five at a time to last him through the week. He lived alone, was not a good mixer, had few friends, and didn’t like spending time in idle chat. Today, at Kalicharan’s, Bepin Babu had the feeling that someone was observing him from close quarters. He turned round and found himself looking at a round faced, meek looking man who now broke into a smile.
     “I don’t suppose you recognise me.”
     “Have we met before?” asked Bepin Babu.
     The man looked greatly surprised. “We met every day for a whole week. I arranged for a car to take you to the Hudroo falls. In 1958. In Ranchi. My name is Parimal Ghose.”
The lesson 'Bepin Choudhury's Lapse of Memory', written by Satyajit Ray, stresses on the importance of helping people in need. The protagonist of this story is Bepin Choudhary.  He was a middle class, working professional belonged to Kolkata.
He was an introvert who preferred to spend his time pursuing his passions rather than mixing with people. Like any other Monday, Bepin Choudhury went to Kalicharan's book shop in New Market to buy books after returning from his workplace. He made it a point to buy books that he was interested in.
Book shop
Bepin liked to read books and he spent most of his time in reading books. Crime fiction, ghost stories, and thrillers are among his favourite genres to read. He would buy at least five books a week.
Bepin-A lover of books.png
Bepin-A big bibliophile
He had few friends because he lived alone and did not socialise with others, as mentioned earlier. He also disliked spending time with friends in pointless chat. But, unlike any other day, Bepin Babu sensed someone watching him closely inside Kalicharan's bookshop while buying books.
When Bepin turned to glance around, he noticed a round-faced, meek-looking man smiling at him. Bepin Babu was surprised to see a stranger smiling at him. So, Bepin asked him whether they had met previously. The stranger was surprised. He started to talk with Bepin as if he knew him before. It seemed that the stranger had arranged for a car to take Bepin to the Hudroo Falls for a week during Bepin's Ranchi visit. Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand, an Indian state. The stranger also stated that the incident he referred to had happened in \(1958\), during Bepin's Ranchi trip. Parimal Ghose was the name of the stranger. Bepin was given all of the data by Ghose, who explained their acquaintance.
Meaning of difficult words:
IntrovertA quiet, reserved person
MeekRefers to a quiet, gentle person who does what others say without asking questions
SupposeTo think that something is true or probable
Idle chatUnnecessary talk
AcquaintanceRefers to someone you know a little, who is not a close friend
StrangerSomeone you do not know
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