“What are you saying, Mr Choudhury? You had a fall in Hudroo and cut your right knee. I brought you iodine. I had fixed up a car for you to go to Netarhat the next day, but you couldn’t because of the pain in the knee. Can’t you recall anything? Someone else you know was also in Ranchi at that time. Mr Dinesh Mukerji. You stayed in a bungalow. You said you didn’t like hotel food and would prefer to have your meals cooked by a bawarchi. Mr Mukerji stayed with his sister. You had a big argument about the moon landing, remember? I’ll tell you more: you always carried a bag with your books in it on your sight-seeing trips. Am I right or not?”
As Bepin's explanation did not convince Mr. Parimal Ghose, the latter began to narrate incidents from the Ranchi journey in great detail to prove his point. First, he started to describe about an incident he had at Hudroo. Hundru is a major tourist spot in the city of Ranchi. The original name for the fall was 'Hundru,' but the author modified it to 'Hudroo' in this story.

In addition, he said that Bepin's right knee had been injured since he fell in Hudroo. Parimal Ghose aided him by providing him iodine for his wounds. Then Ghose told how he had arranged a car for Bepin to drive to Netarhat the next day, but that was owing to knee pain, Bepin was unable to do so. Ghose also reminded him of the name of Mr Dinesh Mukerji, who accompanied Bepin during the Ranchi trip.

Ghose further said that, since Bepin disliked hotel food, he preferred to stay in a rented bungalow and ate meals prepared by a bawarchi. Mr. Mukerji, meanwhile, stayed together along with his sister. Ghose also reminded him of Bepin's "Moon landing" discussion. A "Moon landing" refers to the landing of a spacecraft on the Moon's surface. NASA's first human spaceflight programme was Project Mercury. This massive undertaking began in the year 1958. Ghose additionally informed Bepin that he continually carried a bag of books on his sightseeing trips. It is impossible to deny that Bepin was a bookworm.
Meaning of difficult words:
Bawarchi (Hindi)Chef
WoundAn injury occurred in the body part
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