The lesson 'Bepin Choudhury's Lapse of Memory', written by Satyajit Ray, stresses on the importance of helping people in need. The protagonist of this story is Bepin Choudhary.  He was a middle class, working professional belonged to Kolkata.
Bepin was an introvert who preferred to spend his time pursuing his passions rather than mixing with others. Like any other Monday, Bepin Choudhury went to Kalicharan's book shop in New Market, Kolkata, to buy books, after returning from his workplace. He made it a point to buy books that he was interested in.
Book shop
Bepin liked to read books and he spent most of his time in reading books. Crime fiction, ghost stories, and thrillers are among his favourite genres to read. He would buy at least five books a week.
Bepin-A lover of books.png
Bepin-A big bibliophile
He had few friends because he lived alone and did not socialise with others, as mentioned earlier. He also disliked spending time with friends in pointless chat. But, unlike any other day, Bepin Babu sensed someone watching him closely inside Kalicharan's bookshop while buying books.
When Bepin turned to glance around, he noticed a round-faced, meek-looking man smiling at him. Bepin Babu was surprised to see a stranger smiling at him. So, Bepin asked him whether they had met previously. The stranger was surprised. He started to talk with Bepin as if he knew him before. It seemed that the stranger had arranged for a car to take Bepin to the Hudroo Falls for a week during Bepin's Ranchi visit. Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand, an Indian state. The stranger also stated that the incident he referred to, had happened in \(1958\), during Bepin's Ranchi trip. Parimal Ghose was the name of the stranger. Bepin was given all of the data by Ghose, who explained their acquaintance.
After listening to Parimal, Bepin Babu realised that it was no longer Bepin's mistake, but Parimal had mistook him for someone. So, he concluded Parimal Ghose had misidentified Bepin. Bepin informed Parimal Ghose that he was confusing Bepin with someone. The reason was that Bepin had never been to Ranchi in his lifetime. And so, there could be no opportunity for Parimal Ghose to be familiar with Bepin.
Though it was a fact that Bepin had intended to visit Ranchi on several occasions, he never went there. So, Bepin felt more confident in informing Parimal that he was not the person he was referring to. Also, as Bepin had more confidence in his memory, he asked Parimal, "Do you know who I am?" to which Mr. Parimal Ghose replied more confidently that he was Bepin, whom he knows very well.
Bepin was surprised to hear such an answer from Parimal, and he disagreed with Parimal's claim. As Bepin had never been to Ranchi in his lifetime, he informed the latter again that he was making the mistake of confusing Bepin with someone else. Bepin then turned toward the bookshelves, as he didn't consider Parimal's speech to be serious.
He again told Parimal that he had mistaken Bepin for someone else. Also, he convinced Parimal by stating that such an identification mistake may happen to anyone. He also revealed to Parimal that he had never visited Ranchi previously.
Mr. Parimal Ghose was unconvinced by Bepin's response and began to laugh at him for not remembering his Ranchi trip.
As Bepin's explanation did not convince Mr. Parimal Ghose, the latter began to narrate incidents from the Ranchi journey in great detail to prove his point. First, he started to describe about an incident he had at Hudroo. Hundru is a major tourist spot in the city of Ranchi. The original name for the fall was 'Hundru,' but the author modified it to 'Hudroo' in this story.

In addition, he said that Bepin's right knee had been injured since he fell in Hudroo. Parimal Ghose aided him by providing him iodine for his wounds. Then Ghose told how he had arranged a car for Bepin to drive to Netarhat the next day, but that was owing to knee pain, Bepin was unable to do so. Ghose also reminded him of the name of Mr Dinesh Mukerji, who accompanied Bepin during the Ranchi trip.

Ghose further said that, since Bepin disliked hotel food, he preferred to stay in a rented bungalow and ate meals prepared by a bawarchi. Mr. Mukerji, meanwhile, stayed together along with his sister. Ghose also reminded him of Bepin's "Moon landing" discussion. A "Moon landing" refers to the landing of a spacecraft on the Moon's surface. NASA's first human spaceflight programme was Project Mercury. This massive undertaking began in the year 1958. Ghose additionally informed Bepin that he continually carried a bag of books on his sightseeing trips. It is impossible to deny that Bepin was a bookworm.
Bepin Babu proceeded to explore the bookshelves calmly for some time, indicating that he had dismissed Ghose's claims.

Suddenly, Bepin was reminded of something. He then turned toward Ghose and asked him as to which month he was referring to about the Ranchi trip in 1958. Ghose replied that it was 'October.' After recalling the Kanpur trip in October 1958, Bepin Babu replied without hesitation. Bepin told Ghose that he was in Kanpur for puja with a friend in October 1958. Kanpur is a large industrial city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, in the north. Durga Puja, Navaratri, Dussehra, Ekadashi, Pradosh Vrat, Purnima Puja, and other Hindu festivals will be celebrated across India throughout the month of October. So he couldn't have been in Ranchi at the time.

Bepin then decided to end the conversation since he assumed Ghose had misidentified him for someone. Yet, Ghose did not give up, neither he went away. To establish Ghose's point and convince Bepin, he proceeded to talk about Bepin's personal facts. He reminded Bepin that one day at his Ranchi Bungalow, they had a conversation about Bepin's family during their tea time. He stated that Bepin was childless and that his wife died ten years ago. Also, since Bepin's brother died of mental illness, he has avoided going to the mental institution in Ranchi.
Bepin Babu left the place after having spoken with Parimal. He then reached Lighthouse Cinema on Bertram Street, where Bepin Babu's car was safely parked. He asked his driver Sitaram to drive by Ganga. Bepin Babu felt bad for paying so much attention to Parimal's speech and wished he could have ignored it.
After all, Bepin was certain that he had never visited Ranchi. He did not have any second thought about the Ranchi trip, nor did he believe Ghose. It would be quite impossible for any normal man to forget a trip he had spent many days on; that too, the incident took place only some years before. Similarly, Bepin believed it was impossible when someone claimed to know Bepin and claimed that he had forgotten the entire trip event.

Above all, Bepin did not have memory issues, and he had good memory power. However, despite Bepin's confidence in his recall, he was disappointed by the bookshop incident.
There is no way Bepin Babu could be declared as a mad person because no such incident of memory loss occurred throughout his lifetime. As far as he knew, nothing had ever gone terribly wrong in his life. He also gave a half-hour speech at an important meeting at his office that day. Bepin Babu's remembering skills is appreciated by the author.

However, the word 'yet' in the paragraph brings out the contradiction. 'Yet' in here refers to Parimal Ghose's provided information on Bepin. During the conversation between Parimal and Bepin, Ghose provided some Bepin-related details to back up his claim. No one can dismiss them as the facts Ghose told about Bepin were true.

However, the word 'yet' in the paragraph brings out the contradiction. 'Yet' in here refers to Parimal Ghose's provided information on Bepin. Because Ghose provided some Bepin-related details to back up his claim, one cannot dismiss Ghose's claim as the facts he told about Bepin were true.
Bepin's mind was confused a bit though he was sure that he had not gone to Ranchi. The confusion on his mind is about the intimate details that the stranger had spoken about him. Bepin was confused about how Parimal Ghose had known about his personal details, such as his bookbag, his wife's death, and his brother's illness.

However, Bepin's mind accepted all details said by Ghose to be accurate except the Ranchi trip incident, for Bepin was confident and conscious that he had never been to Ranchi. Therefore, he also concluded that Parimal's talk was not the result of miscommunication but rather a deliberate falsehood regarding Ranchi.

Bepin clearly remembered visiting his friend Haridas Bagchi in Kanpur for the Pujas in 1958. So, Bepin Babu decided to write to his friend Haridas. But it was impossible since Haridas had just taken a trip to Japan with his wife, and Bepin didn't know Haridas's address.
On the other hand, proof becomes unnecessary for Bepin as he was pretty much sure about not having gone to Ranchi in his life before. Therefore, when Bepin himself became absolutely conscious that he hadn't been to Ranchi, he did not want to think more about the bookstall incident.
Bepin's car passed through the Ganga river as he requested his driver to do. Bepin wanted to travel that way as he thought the cool breeze and peaceful environment of the Ganga river would lessen his mental stress. But, though the river wind was refreshing, Bepin Babu' thoughts kept him a little uneasy and disturbed. Suddenly, the thought about the Hudroo incident mentioned by Ghose stuck in his mind. So, Bepin Babu rolled up his pants and examined his right knee as he passed through Hastings. Hastings is a part of the Kolkata district.
Bepin was shocked to see an old inch-long cut while examining his right knee. So, Parimal Ghose was right about this point too. Still, Bepin was unable to say exactly when the injury occurred. As far as he could remember, he had never fallen and hurt his knee as a kid. He tried to think about such an incident but unable to recollect such an incident.

Then Bepin Babu was reminded of Dinesh Mukerji. Dinesh was said to have been in Ranchi at the same time as Bepin, according to Parimal Ghose. So, rather than confusing himself, he felt it would be best to approach and ask Dinesh directly. Moreover, unlike Haridas, who was in Japan, Dinesh resided more closely to Bepin; he stayed in Beninandan Street. So Dinesh's house was not far away from Bepin's place.

Things on and about Ranchi confused Bepin. So, he decided to see Dinesh right away. But, he wondered how Dinesh would react if Bepin Babu asked for confirmation whether Bepin had been to Ranchi. Dinesh would indeed conclude that Bepin Babu was insane in such a situation.
As it seemed to be a mere stupid idea for Bepin to ask Dinesh about the Ranchi trip, he did not want to do that. After all, Dinesh was not his well-wisher but an annoying person who bullied Bepin often. And, he was well aware of Dinesh's harsh sarcasm. But still, Bepin's thoughts and confusion on Parimal's talk made him lose his peace of mind.
Bepin Babu reached home after some time. He felt at rest, sipping a refreshing drink in his air-conditioned living room. He felt more peaceful in his air-conditioned room at home than near river Ganga. It must be that Bepin felt safe and protected from unwanted thoughts and confusion at his home. He was relaxed, being with greater peace of mind. Still, it didn't stay longer.
After some time, Bepin started to think about the book shop incident again. He was irritated with such an incident. Bepin couldn't forget Parimal's talk.
Bepin became annoyed when he remembered Dinesh. He felt people like Dinesh were annoying others as they have nothing else to do. After dinner, Bepin Babu forgot about Parimal Ghose, whom he met in New Market and got himself occupied with one of the new thrillers. A diversion from his restless thought made Bepin relax for a while, and he slept peacefully after some time.
As usual, Bepin went to his office the next day, but he looked stressed. Bepin Babu then realised that the previous day's incident took more of his attention with each passing hour. Bepin's only confusion was how the man (Parimal Ghose) could have made such a mistake regarding the Ranchi trip if he knew so much about Bepin Babu? He couldn't stop thinking about Ghose because, all the details given by Ghose were true except for the Ranchi trip.
Bepin remembered the fact of attending Puja with his friend Haridas in October 1958. Still, he wanted to double-check the Ranchi trip, as Ghose had stated. So, he decided to speak with Dinesh. According to Bepin, a talk with Dinesh would help in resolving the uncertainties on the Ranchi trip that had been bothering him for some time.

So, Bepin Babu dialled Dinesh Mukerji's number shortly before noon.Since Bepin was afraid of Dinesh's sarcastic remarks, Bepin thought that solving the confusion over the phone would be more convenient than seeing him in person. As a result, he decided that calling Dinesh was preferable.

Two-three-five-six-one-six was the phone number of Dinesh. Bepin Babu then called Dinesh.
Bepin's call to Dinesh.png
Bepin's call to Dinesh
When he picked the call, Bepin started the conversation by greeting Dinesh. "Is that Dinesh? This is Bepin here," said Bepin. Dinesh and Bepin began a conversation. Immediately, Dinesh inquired Bepin as to why he had called.

Bepin replied that he called Dinesh as he was curious to know if Dinesh had any memories of an incident occurred in 1958. But, of course, Dinesh didn't expect such a question from Bepin. So, he asked Bepin as to which incident he was referring to in 1958. Hearing that, Bepin no longer had the patience to wait for any further question or answer, and he directly questioned Dinesh, "Were you in Calcutta right through that year?".

Bepin wanted to double-check with Dinesh since his meeting with Ghose was upsetting him. Despite the fact that Bepin was not a thick-skinned person and was expecting an unpleasant remark from Dinesh, he opted to phone Dinesh to confirm the Ranchi trip.
Also, Bepin felt that calling Dinesh for clarification rather than seeing him in person would be safer. Bepin knew Dinesh would keep him in an awkward situation if Bepin met and explained his confusion in person.
Dinesh was surprised to hear Bepin's question about the 1958 incident. It might be that Dinesh hasn't expected the question from Bepin. And, it took a minute for Dinesh to refer to his diary to get details about the 1958 Ranchi trip. Then, silence fell for a moment. Bepin's heartbeat had increased, and he could feel that. He then started to sweat.
At last, after few minutes, Dinesh got back to Bepin's question about his stay at Calcutta during 1958. Dinesh started to answer that he went out of Calcutta twice that year. The first trip was to Krishnanagar, and Dinesh had been there for his nephew's wedding. And, to Bepin's surprise, Dinesh's second trip was to Ranchi in 1958.

Dinesh also mentioned to him that Bepin had accompanied him during the 1958 Ranchi trip. Dinesh's answer almost shook Bepin's confidence in his memory. Bepin felt sad, on having confirmed about the Ranchi trip with Dinesh.
Bepin was confident in not having travelled to Ranchi and expected the same reply from Dinesh Mukherji. But, unfortunately, Dinesh had given him an unexpected answer which confirmed Ghose's claim.

Dinesh then enquired about the reason for such a sudden investigation about the 1958 trip. But, Bepin ignored to explain the cause as he did not want to give a chance for Dinesh to tease him. Bepin answered him, saying, "I just wanted to — anyway, thanks." Bepin then kept his receiver quickly with great force.

Shock and disappointment filled Bepin's mind. Dinesh's further confirmation made Bepin to worry more. His head began to whirl. He felt a shiver run through him. He didn't eat the sandwiches that were in his tiffin box. Bepin wasn't hungry anymore, despite the fact that he hadn't eaten for a long time. He was confused.
Bepin's sad state.png
Bepin's misery
Bepin Babu had phoned Dinesh Mukherji to confirm that he had not visited Ranchi, but it backfired. In fact, Bepin collapsed further after receiving the confirmation from Dinesh about the Ranchi trip.
After lunch-time, Bepin Babu realised he couldn't properly continue working at his desk. Such an incident had never happened in his twenty-five years with the company. He had a reputation for being a hardworking and dedicated employee. But his mind was full of confusions on that day which didn't allow him to work.
He faced repeated failures when he tried to prove that he had not gone to Ranchi.
Finally, around \(2\):\(30\) p.m., Bepin returned home since he couldn't concentrate on his official duties any longer. He went to bed, attempting to regain his thoughts on Ranchi trip.

He was aware that a head injury might cause memory loss, but he had never heard of somebody remembering everything except one specific incident. Also, he does not forget anything in his day to day life; he never made the mistake of missing anything in his office of all the years he worked. So, it seemed odd that he had forgotten about a major incident and not just a little part of it. After all, the incident occurred only a few years ago.
Most importantly, he desired to visit Ranchi, and so it seemed impossible that he did not remember that he'd gone there, done things, and forgot everything about it. How could one forget the outcome of a long-term desire? Despite the fact that Bepin's logical questions appeared to support his claim, Dinesh and Ghose's conversation undermined it.
Bepin spent the entire day going through events one by one, starting with the bookstall incident. Finally, it was approximately \(7\):\(30\) p.m. that Bepin Babu's servant came to inform him that Chuni Babu had arrived to meet Bepin. Chunilal Babu was Bepin's school friend, and he has known him for many years. Chunilal had come for a reason, and Bepin Babu knew what it was.
Chunilal has been having some difficulties recently and had come to visit him about a job opportunity. Despite the fact that Bepin was Chunilal's classmate, he did not assist him in a crisis. Bepin Babu knew he couldn't assist Chunilal and told him so. Chuni, on the other hand, kept returning to Bepin's residence, despite the fact that he was not welcomed.
It was not the first time Bepin tried to avoid Chunilal, but he had done it repeatedly. Despite it, Chunilal often had gone to meet Bepin as his situation was worst being jobless. When Chunilal came to meet him on that day, Bepin Babu left a message with his servant. It was to let him know that he wouldn't be able to visit Chunilal for a couple of weeks.
Bepin sent his servant to inform Chunilal not to visit him for several weeks. However, as soon as the servant left the room, it struck Bepin Babu that Chuni might be able to recall anything from the 1958 trip since he was Bepin's friend and that he has known Bepin for many years.
Bepin felt no harm in approaching him for help as he was not like Dinesh, who tease him for any of Bepin's mistakes. And so, he rushed into the living room, hurrying down the stairs to meet him. When Chuni was ready to depart, he turned around to meet Bepin Babu hopefully.
As soon as Bepin had seen Chunilal, he didn't speak about anything but directly started his talk about the Ranchi trip. He never helped Chunilal during a crisis but expected help from him. This behaviour of Bepin shows his selfishness and his uncaring attitude towards his friends.
Bepin told him that since Chunilal has an excellent memory and has known Bepin for a long time, he could help him with Bepin's question about the 1958 Ranchi trip. Chunilal, on the other hand, was unsure about the year as it was 58 or 59.
Chunilal was sure that Bepin had gone to Ranchi, but he couldn't remember the exact year of it. When Chunilal couldn't decide whether to go with \(1958\) or \(1959\), Bepin understood one thing. According to Chunilal, Bepin would have gone on a Ranchi trip somewhere between 1958 and 1959, although he wasn't sure about the year. That was when the point became crystal plain. However, Bepin wanted to reassure it, so he questioned Chuni, "Are you sure I went to Ranchi?"

Chunilal had not expected such a question from Bepin because, earlier, Chuni had assumed that Bepin had trouble recalling his Ranchi trip's exact year. However, later, when Bepin asked him further about the trip, Chunilal understood that Bepin forgot about the entire trip.
Chunilal was surprised to know that his friend had forgotten about an incident that occurred only some years before. He even asked him the question, "Bepin, have you taken to drugs or something?" for he knew very well that Bepin has a good memory.
Chunilal was taken aback and sat on a sofa for a while, occupying Bepin's home. For a long time, he focused his gaze on Bepin. He then began to converse with Bepin in a mocking tone. He mentioned that Bepin has a good memory, even if the past connections aren't meaningful to him.
Chunilal's statements were so sarcastic, which referred to Bepin's unfeeling attitude toward their friendship. Despite the fact that Chuni's remarks were sarcastic, he commended Bepin on his strong memory power. So, Chuni couldn't accept the fact that Bepin had forgotten about his trip.
Bepin Babu felt ashamed to hear Chunilal's comments, and he couldn't bear Chuni's surprised expression about Bepin's confusion.

Suddenly, Chunilal inquired about his former employment, to which Bepin answered that Chunilal had previously worked for a travel agency. This proves Bepin's exceptional recall. Moreover, Chunilal had a reason behind asking him this question. Since Chunilal worked in a travel agency, he helped Bepin with train reservations.

Chunilal went on to add another point to his argument as he informed him that, Chunilal was the one who arranged for an electrician to replace one of Bepin's compartment fans during his Ranchi trip.

Chunilal told Bepin about the incidents listed above to remind him of his journey to Ranchi. He then verified with Bepin to make sure he hadn't completely forgotten about the Ranchi trip. Bepin Babu's health was a concern for Chunilal; therefore, he inquired whether he had any health issues. Bepin Babu sighed and shook his head. However, following Bepin's meeting with Chunilal, Bepin became more worried since he believed he had lost his memory.
Bepin's depression.jpg
Bepin's depression
When Chunilal expressed his concern for Bepin's health, he agreed to his point saying that it was likely due to his office employment. Because, there was a possibility that Bepin was losing his mind since he had been working so hard and not getting enough rest. Also, he told Chunilal that he would seek medical advice on his ailment.
Chunilal did not speak further. He took leave from Bepin's place as he did not want to disturb Bepin during his illness. As a result, Bepin sought advice from Paresh Chanda. Paresh Chanda was a bright-eyed young physician with a sharp nose.
Initially, when Paresh Chanda learnt about the problem of Bepin, he had no idea how to approach the situation.
Doctor's confusion.png
Paresh Chanda's confusion
For a long time, he was seriously considering Bepin's symptoms. Bepin couldn't wait any longer for Paresh Chanda to analyse his problem since he was in a hopeless situation. He asked the doctor to help him recover from partial memory loss, which was interfering with his work. Even during illness, Bepin was worried about his work.
The doctor was confused since he was dealing with a situation like Bepin's for the first time. He also lacked expertise dealing with problems such as partial memory loss. Nevertheless, he told Bepin that he had a suggestion for him to do which would not harm him in any way.

The doctor recommended working out his suggestion for betterment. Bepin leaned in closer to the doctor, tensed, and impatiently awaited his advice. Finally, the doctor expressed his point of view. He told Bepin that, despite the fact that Bepin had visited Ranchi, the entire event had gone from his mind for some unknown reason. So, the doctor asked him to visit Ranchi once again since the sight of the place might trigger recollections of his journey.

Though the doctor was not sure that Bepin would regain his consciousness after visiting Ranchi, it was the only solution he could suggest Bepin. And he prescribed Bepin a nerve tonic and a sedative to reduce his anxiety. Also, the doctor warned him to have a proper sleep. Else, lack of sleep may result in worsening Bepin's condition. Bepin consumed the medicine prescribed by the doctor.
Bepin Babu felt somewhat better the next morning. After breakfast, he called his workplace, issued some instructions, and then booked a first-class ticket to Ranchi for the same evening.
Bepin's journey toward Ranchi.png
Bepin's Ranchi journey
Bepin began his journey toward Ranchi and arrived there the next day. As soon as he got off the train at the railway station, he realised he had never been there before.

Bepin got into a cab as soon as he exited the Ranchi station. He drove around town for a while. The streets, houses, hotels, bazaars, and Morabadi Hill were all unfamiliar to him. None of the locations he'd seen in Ranchi had helped him recall his initial visit to the city.
Bepin in Ranchi.png
Bepin in Ranchi

Suddenly, an idea struck his mind. He felt a trip to Hudroo Falls would be beneficial. Though he didn't believe in this plan completely, he wanted to give it a try. After failing in all of his attempts to restore his memories, Bepin had no choice but to turn to Hudroo. He didn't want to leave Ranchi with the impression that he hadn't tried hard enough.

After all, Bepin's current situation urged him to do so. So when all of Bepin's attempts to recall the Ranchi's initial journey failed, he decided to give it one final go. Hence, he rented a car and drove to Hudroo in the afternoon, hoping a trip to Hudroo would help.
Bepin's only chance was Hudroo.
Hudroo falls.jpg
Hudroo falls
Unfortunately, he was unable to recollect his prior journey despite his best efforts. He couldn't recollect the incident in Hudroo that Ghose had told him at the bookstall, in which Bepin had fallen and been injured on his Ranchi trip. His last attempt also failed.
As Bepin couldn't remember his initial trip to Ranchi, he fainted near Hudroo Falls, which was the last destination he had chosen. And no one was around when he fainted.
Finally, around \(5\) p.m, two Gujarati men from a group of picnickers spotted Bepin Babu lying near a rock in Hudroo. They aided Bepin. On regaining consciousness, his first words were, "I'm finished. There's no hope left." 

Bepin was in a highly hopeless state and returned to Calcutta the next day. Bepin concluded that he had no chance of regaining his memory. He thought he'd soon lose everything: his motivation to work, his self-assurance, his talent, and his mental stability. Is he going to end up in the asylum, he wondered? Bepin didn't want to think about it anymore. Bepin was obviously scared of ending up in an mental institution like his brother.
Bepin's hopeless state.png
Bepin's hopeless state

Bepin then phoned Dr. Chanda, and asked him to come over. He then got into bed with an ice pack strapped on his head after taking a shower. The servant then handed him a letter that had been left in the letterbox by someone. His name was written in red ink on a greenish envelope.
Letter Box.png
Letter Box
Bepin's servant handed him the letter. Above the letter cover, it was mentioned, 'Urgent and Confidential'. Bepin was unwell. Moreover, he was mentally stressed with his memory issues. But, despite his ill-health, he wanted to go through Chunilal's letter. And, when he read the letter, he was shocked to see the message in it which answered all of Bepin' queries and confusions.
Finally, the mystery is solved. In actuality, Bepin had never been to Ranchi before, contrary to what he had believed. Chunilal was the one who set up a game with Bepin as a sort of punishment for not assisting him during a crisis. In the letter, Chunilal stated that Bepin had changed drastically since becoming wealthy. Bepin's riches let him forget about an old friend who needed a helping hand in a difficult situation. As a result, Chunilal decided to punish him and teach a lesson for his uncaring attitude. Chunilal used his imagination and the help of persons like Parimal Ghose and Dinesh Mukherji to fool Bepin into believing that he had gone to Ranchi.

In the letter to Bepin, he assured him that everything would be well and that there was nothing wrong with his health. In the letter, he also mentioned that a publisher had indicated an interest in Chunilal's novel. So, if all goes well, Chunilal would be able to overcome his troubles. The messages mentioned above were the message written in the letter.
Bepin was very clear. He understood that it was all a prank played by his friend Chunilal. In reality, there was nothing wrong with Bepin; and Bepin did not lose his memory as he assumed. Chunilal got Parimal Ghose acted to make Bepin believe he was mad.
Since Chunilal was Bepin's friend, there are possibilities that he might have known about his personal details like his reading habit, wife's death, and brother's illness. Bepin must have realised his mistake of not helping a friend during a crisis and must have understood the effect of his uncaring behaviour.
The doctor arrived at Bepin's location after some time had passed. Since Bepin was embarrassed to tell him the truth, he told the doctor he had regained his memory. Bepin informed the doctor that as soon as he stepped off the train at Ranchi, he regained his recollections of his previous Ranchi journey. For the second time in his life, the doctor was taken aback when he visited Bepin. He considered publishing an article about such a case in a medical publication.
The doctor's surprise.png
The doctor's surprise
Bepin proceeded to tell a lie to the doctor. He informed the doctor that he fell in Ranchi and had a hip injury, which is why he contacted him. Though Bepin had a hip injury, it was not the actual reason he called him. He then asked the doctor for a pain reliever. The story concludes with a humorous twist.