The lesson "Glimpses of the Past" is written by S.D Sawant, and it is taken from the book "Our Freedom Movement". The lesson is written in the form of a comic strip style. Comic strip style is a sequence of pictures and speech bubbles drawn to describe the story in an interesting way. It helps the readers to understand the story more easily.

"Glimpses of the Past" narrates the rule of Britishers in India from 1757 to 1857. The arrival of Britishers in India made a huge change in people's life. They treated the Indians badly and started to overrule them. The Britishers exploited the natives by demanding high taxes and held the lands of the peasants and farmers. After seeing the poverty and sufferings of the people, many of the freedom fighters joined together to protect India from the rule of the Britishers. Thus, it paved the way for the First War of Indian Independence.
The major themes of the lesson are religious belief, massive war, life's struggle, and famine.